To see some of the amazing fixed gear bikes built by other people in New Zealand, check out the following links. All of these bikes are in the truly excellent Fixed Gear Gallery, which is the largest and best photo gallery of fixed gear bikes that I know of anywhere on the planet.

If you would like to submit photos of your bike that you've made here in New Zealand, please submit it to the Fixed Gear Gallery (mention www.fixedgear.nz in your blurb if you like), then, once it has been published, send me an E-Mail at martin at gadgets dot co dot nz and I'll add a link to it.

Bikes from New Zealand


Tom Fyfe's Fyfe


Vidyapati Dasa's Hillman
Vidyapati Dasa's Avanti Super Sprint
Andrew Peet's ???


Paul White's ???
Adam Yearsley's Ken Evans
Adam Yearsley's Allan
Matthew Master's Falcon
Michael (a.k.a. Jimdog)Fukaya
Adam Yearsley's ???
Brian Budgeon's Raleigh
Andrew Lawrence's Trek
Akasha Barickman'sPake
Tjalling de Vries' Shogun
Simon Middleton's Carlton
Shapathanal's KHS


Steve Dorrington's Bob Jackson
Dan's Geoff Wiles
Wayne Davidson's Carlton
Eddie Griffiths piece of art
Ahern's Affinity
Joe Sparks' Raleigh
Alex's IRO
Ashby family's ???
Michael Toohey's Ruby
Daniel Moulton's Peugeot


Barry's On-one
Alan Bergamini's Rotrax
Paul Larkin's Bosomworth
Michael Toohey's Raleigh
Alan Bergamini's Speedy Cycle Works photo


Josh Egbers' Rossin
Derek's Raleigh
Alan Bergamini's Claud Butler
Michael Toohey's Jones Special
Maike's ???
Richard Irvine's R.Cossey
Jeffrey Gordon's Cinelli


Darryl Best's Falcon
Wayne Davidson's Olmo?

The early years

Nigel Ashby's Evans

Bikes from Elsewhere

Head off to the home page of Fixed Gear Gallery and start looking!

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